How to clean white marble?

Tips for the proper cleaning of white marble:

Cleaning with water.

Yes, it’s that simple. The best cleaning of this material, if we only need to remove dust or superficial dirt, is done with water. For floors, you can use a well wrung mop and then dry to prevent the material from absorbing moisture and darkening. In the case of another surface, you can use a soft cloth with water.

Use of neutral soap.

If you wonder how to clean white marble with more dirt or stains, it is necessary to use soap and water, since this type of solution will not harm this type of material, and it will be enough to remove the remains of the surface.

Baking soda.

If you see yellow stains, baking soda can be a good option if you want to know how to clean white marble in these cases. Prepare a mixture with this component and water. Place the paste obtained on the stain, and let it rest for at least two hours. For best results, the stain space can be covered with plastic. This will enhance the effect of the mix. Once the estimated time has elapsed, remove the paste and clean the surface.

 Hydrogen peroxide.

To achieve an excellent finish on natural stone, it is necessary to mix a portion with water, and apply it directly to the surface of the marble. In this case, it is not necessary to wipe it, but we must avoid excess liquid.

Special products for marble.

In the market we can find a wide variety of specific cleaners for these surfaces. These use ingredients that will provide the best maintenance for this material and are generally directed to specific areas of the home, such as shower trays that require special care due to the humidity generated in this area.

 Know the products to avoid.

Some products such as chlorine, ammonia, vinegar or lemon can damage the marble, causing damage to the surfaces of this material or reducing its shine. Therefore, it is very important to know which ones they are so as not to use them to clean this material.

It should be noted that there are those who recommend vinegar or lemon diluted in water, and they can be useful to remove stains, but there is a risk of losing the natural shine of the piece.