Cleaning children’s toys

Toys are the pedagogical elements with which children constantly learn and have fun. As they are used, children often fill them with dirt, slime, dust and other elements that can affect their health.

How to clean children’s toys

Cleaning toys is, for the most part, a simple job. However, it is important to perform, in some cases, a more thorough cleaning to eliminate all types of harmful bacteria. Let’s go over some of the most common ways.

 Plastic toys

For this kind of material, it is not necessary to apply very strong chemicals or chemicals that leave residues on the surface. Just using soap and water is enough to clean all kinds of stains with a soft or medium bristle brush.

Wood toys

Wood presents a problem when cleaning it: it tends to swell when you use plenty of water as it absorbs it. To understand how to clean children’s toys that are made of wood, it is important to use a damp cloth with soap, alcohol or white vinegar, in addition to scrubbing with a little force to remove bacteria from their surface.

 Cloth or rag toys

Stuffed animals are, without a doubt, an attraction for children of any age due to their softness and variety of textures. However, these types of toys do not need much care. You can wash them in a washing machine away from everyday clothes with ordinary detergent.