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We are a company that takes care of cleaning your home or business with the highest quality and hygiene and at an affordable price.

Maria’s Cleaning great cleaning service

At Maria’s Cleaning, we are dedicated to residential or business cleaning, we have a service for each place, and we do it with the high standards that are required in current times so that you have the confidence of being in a place free of dirt. We do it for you.

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Our Services

When looking for cleaning services for your home or business, Maria ‘s Cleaning is the best option.

Deep cleaning in all areas

Deep cleaning in all areas is a service that is offered to all clients who require it.

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning is one of the main services we offer to our clients, a free quote is made.

Business Cleaning

Business or office cleaning is a service offered to clients who require cleaning in different spaces, they are offered affordable prices.

Seasonal cleaning

Cleaning between each season of the year helps us not only to keep the house clean, but to avoid accumulating things that are no longer useful to us.

Why are we the best option?

At Maria ‘s Cleaning, we have affordable prices and the best service for you.


For us it is very important that our clients know that we handle ourselves with a very high value over honesty, and that each service performed is taken care of down to the smallest detail, we take care of their home or business as if it were ours.


It is very important to offer a friendly and cordial treatment to our clients, to offer them a budget with competitive and fair prices, carrying out everything as the client requests, with the highest quality.


Perhaps this is the most important value of all, offering our clients the confidence that we will take care of their home or business as if it were our own, each service is carried out with care and quality requires it.

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Learn about the services we offer for home or business, ask for a free estimate and we will gladly answer your questions.

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Specialized services

We show you some of our services so that you can choose the one that suits you best, we are at your service, and we will do it with the best quality and confidence.

We have frequent cleaning service for our clients, everything is done with the highest cleaning standards and above all with the confidence that we will take care of your home like ours.

Frequent Cleaning

When a move comes it is always necessary to have help, before moving to do a cleaning of those things that will be packed, and in the new house to carry out a thorough cleaning before taking everything.

Cleaning for moves

Because we adapt to our clients, we also carry out cleanings that consist of punctual services, they are carried out on the day that is required, always attending to the client’s needs.

One-time and occasional cleaning

There are very specific jobs and this is one of them, since depending on the material that the floor is, it has a special treatment, which will be carried out with the highest level of quality.

Floor cleaning

Our Blog

We share with you some of our blogs with topics of interest.

Cleaning children’s toys

Toys are the pedagogical elements with which children constantly learn and have fun. As they are used, children often fill them with dirt, slime, dust and other elements that can affect their health.